Good Classes to Take Your Freshman Year of College?

Answer If you're getting ready to attend college, then enrolling in your first semester of classes is a very important milestone. The classes you take throughout your college career and the order that you... Read More »

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What Classes to Take As a College Freshman?

The first year of college is especially hard for students because it often is also the first year living away from mom and dad. Most schools have a list of core graduation requirements as well as s... Read More »

Should I take out a $28,000 student loan my freshman year of college?

Unfortunately, a bachelor's degree in sociology will not take you that far in life. It will be hard paying back those loans with that type of degree and a job related in that field.Also, be careful... Read More »

How to Cut College Costs Before the Freshman Year?

Going to college and leaving home for the first time is an exciting but often very expensive experience. Some students, who have been reliant on their parents for money in the past, are not used to... Read More »

What Classes Should You Take for Your First Year of a Pre-Med Degree?

You have decided that you want to be when you grow up: a doctor. You know the road to get there will be long and hard, but you are up to the challenge. In fact, you cannot wait. But for now, you ne... Read More »