Golf Grip Fundamentals?

Answer In golf, the grip refers to the position of a player's hands on the club. The grip and the setup position--the golfer's posture and positioning of his feet--are the most basic of golf fundamentals.... Read More »

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What size golf grip is right for me?

On One Hand: Check the Size of Your GloveAccording to, the first way to determine your golf grip size is to check the size of your glove. A small glove matches an undersized grip, a m... Read More »

How to Re Grip Golf Clubs?

This a step-by-step tutorial on how to re-grip golf clubs at home with basic house hold items and supplies. This method works very well.

How to Grip a Golf Club?

Grip a Golf ClubKnowing how to correctly grip a golf club can immensely improve your long and short game. The overlapping grip is the most common way to hold a driver, but some golfers prefer eithe... Read More »

How to Have an Overlapping Grip on Your Golf Club?

This will keep your hands connected to the club so it doesn't slip.