Going to try sushi for the first time?

Answer Try cucumber rolls (seaweed, rice, cucumber), California rolls are good too (usually avocado, imitation crab, seaweed, rice). Also, try Ebi (sweet cooked shrimp, seaweed, rice). If you are truly a... Read More »

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I want to try sushi for the first time?

Virtually all sushi tastes great dipped in soy sauce, but I usually like to eat it plain. There aren't a lot of other sauces to dip sushi in. You're usually given wasabi (green in color) and pickle... Read More »

Going to switzerland first time ever?

Hi middle agers :-)There are three famous scenic trains here - Golden Pass ( ) - Bernina Express ( and and Glacier Express (http://bit.... Read More »

Going to get make up tomorrow for the first time any suggestions ?

since you are going into middle school you are still young, so i wouldn't recommend wearing too much makeup. :)mascara: if you want mascara with some color too it i would recommend maybelline one b... Read More »

I am going on motorway for the first time tomorrow and am terrified!?

Don't be, your much more likely to have an accident on the normal roads. That's a fact.