Going to sleep early isn't an option, How can i have more energy in the day!?

Answer I used to have a similar problem. Here's what worked for me:- Have a big, HEALTHY breakfast (some people say that an apple keeps you awake better than coffee).- Drink lots of water! You'll go to th... Read More »

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Ive been eating immensely and going to sleep early is....?

It could be plenty of different things, the symptoms you list could be related to depression. However, this could also be signs of pregnancy, a thyroid disorder, lack of rem sleep, not enough exerc... Read More »

My neighbour is stealing my wifi and security isnt an option how can I make sure he wont do it again?

if you cant use WEP or WPA, try using MAC filtering. Google MAC filtering and you should be able to find out what you need to know

I can't have deep sleep if I know I have to wake up early in morning Do u think Melatonin will help?

it is very common problem. every person has a bio-clock inside that keeps ticking in the subconscious mind. in ur case the alarm of body clock is more active. its a myth that a glass of warm milk g... Read More »

What is something a can do to asleep I have to get up early and I can't sleep?

If you force yourself to sleep you won't get sleep.When you want to get up early the mind becomes more alert and won't let you sleep.Just say to yourself that you have nothing to do and stay relaxe... Read More »