Going to pharmacy school for 2years can the children be moved in joint custody?

Answer The issue of whether the custodial parent can move the children is very tricky. If you are lucky, it was covered in the custody settlement papers. You need to read the agreement to see if it is the... Read More »

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If you haven't established custody and the father has moved out of state and is now asking for joint legal and physical custody can he win?

Answer It will be very dificult for the father to have joint legal and physical custody on the gounds that he is not avalible. The courts want the two parents to live in the same area to co-parent.... Read More »

If you have joint custody can your child be moved out of state?

No, not if you have joint custody of the child by court. If the other gaurdian only has vistitation rights then NO WAY can you child be removed from the state without your consent, unless it is a h... Read More »

Can my ex-husband get custody and back support for our son who is 18 and has moved out after he lived with his dad for two and a half years without getting custody of him even if he is still in school?

If there is joint custody and one of the partners goes to jail and gives power of attorny to someone else over the children can the other ex get custody of the kids?

i think there's a good chance you would get custody, judges don't look kindly on parents in jail, as they can't parent at all from a few family lawyers in your area and ask them about ... Read More »