Going to buy a new camera within the next two days any suggestions (D300 or D700)?

Answer Nick, with the work you are doing, I would say that you need the D700. You already know that. You'll get a lot of mileage out of the 25-85 lens, too, so you don't need to run right out and buy mo... Read More »

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Are there any early warning signs or indicators that you will be going into labor within the next couple of days?

Answer I never had any early signs. I just went into labour. The earliest signs you will get is sharp pains or cramping, loss of mucus plug, water breaking, or leaking fluid. Hope that helps

If you are going to be covered within the next 65 days under Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina but your wife may be pregnant will they pick her up?

Answer Depends upon how long she has been without insurance. If more than 3 months (usually) .. it will likely be considered a pre-existing condition and they will not cover pregnancy-related claims.

What camera is best for your needs nikon d300 nikon d700 canon eos 50d canon eos 5d mark ii?

It depends what you're needs are. The needs of a sports photographer are quite different from a studio portrait photographer. When selecting a camera, you need to think about what you will use it f... Read More »

Looking for my next camera... any suggestions?

Like you, I'm a "Canon guy" and have been since teen-dom. You cannot go wrong w/the 5D Mark III.