Going on the pill HELP!?

Answer going on the pill should help with your heavy flow. The only possible side effects I can think of right off hand are slight weight gain and maybe a little nausea during the first three months or so... Read More »

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HELP HELP HELP URGENT i just got a cavity and my teeth really hurt, i dont want to take pill,anyother options?

dont want to take medication? then you probably deserve the pain, stfu and stop whining

Going to austrailia, when do i take my pill?

The trip will be the worst. If you can figure out where you will be at 9pm Irish time then take it then.I think it is like 6 am for Brisbane for 9pm in Dublin (please check this!!!!). You can the... Read More »

Can you become pregnant a week after going off the pill?

Yes. Even on birth control you can still get pregnant. Just a week after going off the pill its not likely, becasue you'll still have the hormones in your system but definatly still possible.

How to Prevent Acne After Going Off the Birth Control Pill?

Many women experience acne after going off the birth control pill, even if skin problems were not an issue before they started using it. Stopping birth control triggers acne because it changes horm... Read More »