Going on a date tonight (for a drink), I don't drink alocohol, will he think it's lame?

Answer This wasn't discussed when you made the plans to go out for a drink?

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Why do i get horny when i drink alocohol?

It lowers your inhibitions and allows your basic thoughts and instincts to manifest themselves much easier. This is why people get horny, in fights, etc. when they drink.

Im going out drinking tonight. What can I drink before hand to coat my stomach so it wont burn going down?

milk with some antiacids...but, how's about you just don't get drunk? oooooh! there's a good idea!

I'm going out tonight ....what should i drink?

wh not try a litle something different tonite try a samual adams boston lager if you feel like beer or try a fantastic cocktail made with strawberry stolis and orange cream soda....I guarentee it w... Read More »

How can i stop myself from turning into a drunken hussy everytime i drink (i dont want 2 drink any less)?

what's your phone number? you have plans for friday?