Going gym tomorrow what workouts should I done?

Answer I found this brilliant app called 'JEFIT' the other day and it's great pretty much everything you can think of to work out a body part is in the exercises it shows. So what I advise is pick a few b... Read More »

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I have a black eye, but I have to do something important tomorrow How do I get it away by tomorrow. ?

Well you can put ice too it for good periods of timeand whehter your a boy or girl if you want to hide it you may need a little make upmake sure you dont touch the area to much or it will get worse... Read More »

Do ab workouts aid in fat loss?

Ab workouts tone/tighten your ab muscles...while having more muscle does help you burn more calories (even at rest) if your desire is to burn fat then you need to focus on eating right (look up 'cl... Read More »

Workouts to be lean and fit?

I would suggest daily cycling, body weight exercises (push ups, sit ups, pull ups) and a decent diet. Limit candy, chips, and soda to a minimum. Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Eat lots... Read More »

Why i don't have an energy to do workouts :(?

Balaji, we are both lazy and we know lost quite some weight...that is great!!!I lost 42 lbs that's not bad, but it's so much harder to keep on eating always what 's right and to exercise...... Read More »