God, i need some good comebacks for those boobless attacks.?

Answer do you need a life jacket when you have one attached?who needs a car with air bags?when you run do you smack yourself in the face?BTW im in no way flat-chested but its still funny. good luck, but m... Read More »

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What are some helpful references for people who need to care for those with the Swine Flu?

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Do you think that those two are really responsible for boston attacks?

These two seemed like they dropped the bombs in place. I would not be surprised if others were involved. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

How to Come Up with Good Comebacks?

"Ew, you're so ugly, gosh, look at your teeth!" says a mean loser."I could say something really mean back, but my mom tells me to be nice to disabled children." you reply.Want to be a comeback gene... Read More »

Do you need comebacks if soemone calls you ''Four eyes''?