God, i need some good comebacks for those boobless attacks.?

Answer do you need a life jacket when you have one attached?who needs a car with air bags?when you run do you smack yourself in the face?BTW im in no way flat-chested but its still funny. good luck, but m... Read More »

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How to Come Up with Good Comebacks?

"Ew, you're so ugly, gosh, look at your teeth!" says a mean loser."I could say something really mean back, but my mom tells me to be nice to disabled children." you reply.Want to be a comeback gene... Read More »

Good comebacks when someone calls you fat and/or ugly?

LOLOLhere`s α bunch, hope they help =]if someone sαys your fαt/ugly :- funny. i thought the sαme thing αbout you .- but your mom loves me for thαt .- thαt`s not whαt your mom sαid lαst ni... Read More »

Good comebacks for people calling me skinny?

"Did you ever think the reason I look so skinny to you is cuz you're a fat *** *****?""Hey, at least I don't wolf down the value menu at Mcdonalds every night""Oink oink, little piggy. What, is pig... Read More »


I have had anxiety issues my entire life, as long as I can remember. I was always nervous about things, just small things, even. I understand how hard it can be to go through things like that. A... Read More »