Goatee Styles for Square Face Types?

Answer There are many options for goatee styles if you have a square face. There are ways to minimize the square shape of your face by allowing your goatee to extend past your chin or using its shape to c... Read More »

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Different Goatee Styles?

In the 1990s and 2000s, the preferred facial hair for men was what is often erroneously misnamed a goatee. The move was away from the full beard to a beard and mustache combination that frames the ... Read More »

How to Suit a Goatee for Your Face?

Like beards and mustaches, goatees are a style of facial hair worn by many men. If groomed tastefully, goatees can be a mark of maturity and make you look more distinguished. Goatees can even begin... Read More »

Haircuts & Styles for Girls With Square Faces?

Square face shapes typically measure the same width along the forehead, cheekbones and jawline and have a strong, angular chin. Women with square face shapes may want a hairstyle that will soften t... Read More »

Types of Face to Face Communication?

Face to face communication can be more effective than other types of communication, such as email or telephone, because it offers nonverbal clues that help us better understand the message. Nonverb... Read More »