Goat Milk for Acne?

Answer There are hundreds of commercially prepared soaps on the market. There are tons of commercially prepared acne remedies. The vast majority of these products are just too harsh for your skin, and esp... Read More »

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Can you milk a boy goat?

As with cows and other animals, only female goats produce milk, usually following kidding (delivering babies) More people in the world consume goat milk than cow milk, except in the United States.R... Read More »

Can a milk goat be a male?

Female goats, also called does, give milk after they are bred and give birth. Male goats are called bucks and do not give milk, but are used for breeding purposes.Source:Fias Co Farm: Goats as Pets

Can you milk a pygmy goat?

Female pygmy goats will give up between a quart and a half gallon of milk a day during their peak years. Pygmy goat milk is extremely sweet and many find it to have a pleasing taste.Source:National... Read More »

Is goat milk OK for a lamb?

Goat’s milk and colostrum can be fed to lambs. One goat will produce enough milk for several lambs. Goat's milk can be fed in bottles, buckets or with mechanical feeders. Milk substitutes formula... Read More »