Goals for Rape Victims in Counseling?

Answer Rape is a terrible crime that involves the sexual assault of a person by a perpetrator who does not have the consent of the victim. It can often be a violent act that leaves the victim physically, ... Read More »

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Rape victims, do you love your child.?

Having a child is tramatizing on the body even when you are not the victim of rape. There are so many issues with this and unless you have been raped you can't answer. I have been raped, I didn't g... Read More »

Goals & Objectives for a School Counseling Department?

When developing goals and objectives for a school counseling department, the most important factor to consider is your goal structure. Make sure that, across categories and scope, your goals are ac... Read More »

Visions & Goals for a Counseling Department at a Technical High School?

Technical or vocational high schools are playing an increasingly important role in shaping national and local economies. Using a practical approach to education, these institutions equip graduates ... Read More »

How to Heal From Rape and Sexual Assault (Rape Trauma Syndrome)?

Whether you or someone you love has been raped, follow these steps to assure trauma recovery.