GoPro HERO3, playback lags severely.?

Answer "laggy playback" of high definition video on a computer direct from the camcorder/camera is usually due to the computer being underpowered. This could be the CPU not being fast enough, not enough p... Read More »

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Will the GoPro Hero3 connect to the GoPro wrist mount and is the mount any good for surfing?

Don't bother with the wrist mount. The GoPro is a great camera, and it takes great video... but just mount it on your board. I think you will have trouble paddling with it strapped on your wrist, a... Read More »

Is there anything you have to do before you use a gopro hero3?

Yes. (you're a teenager, aren't you. lol)As the card prominently placed on the top of the inner box stated, the camera must be upgraded with the current firmware to work properly. You have a chance... Read More »

GoPro HERO3 Silver or White?

Have you visited the GoPro website to see the different features of those two cameras? It seems you have. That is the only way you can decide which to buy.We can only give you our opinions, but th... Read More »

Looking for video editing software of a Mac for use with Gopro Hero3.?

You did not tell us which Mac. If the video does not import directly from the GoPro to iMovie or if the video files are copied from the GoPro to the Mac and those files will not import to iMovie, j... Read More »