Go to the emergency room, or wait to get into the doctors?

Answer nothing u can do for a perforated ear drum except time and dont get water in it

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How to Reduce Wait Time in the Emergency Room?

Patients who check into a hospital's emergency room (ER) often experience long wait times in an emergency room waiting area. These wait times are due to the triage process that is requisite to hosp... Read More »

Why do the doctors wait for 4 weeks or more before prescribing glasses after cataract surgery?

The prescription will keep changing as the eye heals. That is why they wait. Prescribing too soon means the lenses may have to be changed again a few weeks later.Sorry , no one here can tell what y... Read More »

What is the average cost of a non-emergency visit to an emergency room visit for a toothache?

Answer where I live In Pa its $ 90.00 dollars As an Emergency Physician, I would tell you that one would need to know a lot more about the visit. If you mean a sore throat of a routine nature, roug... Read More »

What are delivery room doctors called?

Delivery room doctors are called obstetricians. You may also meet there neonatologists - doctors who specialize in the care of newborn babies. Please see the related links for details.