Go to and type "failure" then search as "i'm feeling lucky"?

Answer Someone at Google has a good sense of humour, try this:Go to google, then click maps, then click get directions......type in New York to Paris France and look at direction # 21.

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What does the "I'm Feeling Lucky" mean on the Google Search Bar.?

it takes you to the result that google thinks best matches the "answer" to your search

In google search what does the ter " I AM FEELING LUCKY" connote?

I've wondered that and never tried it. I pretty much assumed it was like the first respondant said.

What does the "I'm Feeling Lucky button" on the other well-known search engine do?

it just brings you to the very first site...

I'm Feeling Lucky Google search button...?

looks like it is a new years count down in seconds... take the current number and divide by 60 (seconds per minute) to get the minutes... take the number from above (the minutes) and divide by 60 (... Read More »