Go to doctor for broken toe?

Answer From personal experience, breaking a big toe and breaking one of the little ones is two very different things. When you break the little ones, a doctor will simply tape them together and send you h... Read More »

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Can a doctor fix a broken rib?

nope - gotta fix itself over time - very sore i bet ! would give ya a hug but scared to hurt ya!!

Is my toe broken should i see a doctor please help i never broke anything before!?

That's almost certainly broken, all right. I've had half a dozen fractures - arm, ankle, tailbone, rib, finger and toe - but fingers and toes hurt the worst. Unfortunately the doctor can't do much... Read More »

Should i take my son to see a doctor about his broken penis?

Does a broken bone in the foot require a trip to the Emergency Room or Doctor?

i would take her into an urgent care or emergency room just based off of the fact that it is cold and pale at the site of injury-this indicates that bloodflow to that particular area is not getting... Read More »