Go to Google and type in 'Failure'. Look at the first result that comes back!?

Answer LOL; I knew there was a reason I love google.

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Whats the first thing that comes up when you type your name in google?

It took me to this page.... it out...Interesting !!!

Who was the first man to look at a cow and say, "I'm going to drink whatever comes out of that"?

I'm guessing it was Steve (of "Adam & Steve" fame), after he'd been kicked to the curb for Eve.He took one look at that udder, and thought he'd hit the mother lode...

Go to and type "failure" then search as "i'm feeling lucky"?

Someone at Google has a good sense of humour, try this:Go to google, then click maps, then click get directions......type in New York to Paris France and look at direction # 21.

How come when you type "nazi" into google nothing comes up?

Your SafeSearch is enabled, at the top there should be a link indicating this.