Go to Google and type in 'Failure'. Look at the first result that comes back!?

Answer LOL; I knew there was a reason I love google.

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Go to and type "failure" then search as "i'm feeling lucky"?

Someone at Google has a good sense of humour, try this:Go to google, then click maps, then click get directions......type in New York to Paris France and look at direction # 21.

Should Homeowners insurance cover water damage to floors as a result from and the dishwasher pump failure?

The Walker Brothers invented the first electric dishwasher in 1913.

Google Search Result?

Possible way out: (Google has nothing to do with this)1. Contact the Website owner/admin/webmaster and request them to remove your information (where someone else is uploaded your information as gu... Read More »

How to Star a Result in Google Search?

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