Gmail exploit, don't let it happen to you! What to do about clean up?

Answer You should probably email them and tell them what happened. That way you can prevent what happened to you from happening to other people.

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I cant remember my gmail password and dont have access to my recovery email or phone number?

i think it is not possible to find out your password, remember it may be it your any telephone number, nick name etc.

What can happen if you dont take your makeup off at night?

You'll end up looking like this...…Plus, your bed sheets would be ruined..

What will happen if i dont get my cavities filled now?

wen i was little i had really bad cavities in my two back teeth and i had to get root canals this past january because i couldnt get them filled earlier cuz i was 2 little.

What can happen if you dont sleep for 60 hours?