Gmail client on my Nokia 6133?

Answer I have a cheap Samsung A-570 and I use the procedure below to access my Gmail account and to access Google Search Engine my cell can not download programs so I use WAP and server side applicationsM... Read More »

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How to Remove the Operator Logo on a T-Mobile Nokia 6133?

The 6133 is a cell phone model manufactured by Nokia, a Finnish telecommunications company. When idle, the Nokia 6133 displays a screen featuring the logo of the cell phone operator, such as T-Mobi... Read More »

How to create your own search client like gmail.?

Yes, you go out to places like and download the code that is available, then you spend many weeks modifying it to do what you want the code to do.And that goes for not o... Read More »

How to Change the Default Mail Client to Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo?

When you click a mailto: link such as this one: [email protected]/* */, what happens? Probably either Outlook or Windows Live Mail opens. Here's how to make Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL to open instead o... Read More »

Gmod error: Client.dll init() in library client failed?

i thought it was my garrys mod so i reinstalled it and it dint work so i got mad