Gmail Forwarding and filtering?

Answer Can you not set a filter up so that all emails TO: student@account go to a specific folder?

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Gmail Forwarding problem?

I can't help you do it that way (sorry!) but I can tell you how to do it by creating a filter:1. Click on "Create a filter" link:…2. In the "From" field h... Read More »

How to Change a Forwarding E-mail Address in Gmail?

A forwarding e-mail address is used to receive messages from an additional e-mail client's inbox. For example, you can forward messages from a work-related service or a secondary e-mail account you... Read More »

How do I access an address book when forwarding an email on Gmail?

Click the forward button on the original email at the bottom of the message. Type a letter in the "To" area that starts the name of the person you wish to send an email to. If the first or last nam... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of DE filtering compared to sand filtering?

%REPLIES% Answer After six years in this home with a 15 year old pool cartridge filter, I junked it for a DE filter. I'm very very satisfied with the change. The DE filter cleans the pool quicker... Read More »