Glycolic Acid Uses?

Answer Glycolic acid is a natural substance derived from fruits and sugar cane. It is one of the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and is used in many cosmetic and facial skin care products. Glycolic acid acts ... Read More »

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Is Glycolic Acid or Salicylic Acid Better for Acne?

Both glycolic and salicylic acids are good treatments for acne and are easy to find in over-the-counter skin care products. Which one proves more effective will likely depend upon your personal ski... Read More »

Glycolic Acid Vs. Salicylic Acid?

Chemical peels are a great way to refine your skin, achieve an instant glow and jump start any skin-care regimen. Once the sole province of dermatologists and physicians, many different products ha... Read More »

Glycolic Acid Vs. Lactic Acid?

Glycolic and lactic acids, food-derived chemical compounds known as alpha-hydroxy acids, are renowned exfoliants in the cosmetics industry. Lactic acid is considered the milder of the two, though h... Read More »

Where Does Glycolic Acid Come from?

As a cosmetic treatment, glycolic acid is used in a number of over-the-counter products. Its natural chemical properties make for an effective agent for both cosmetic and industrial uses. This mate... Read More »