Glucosamine: what is it how does it work?

Answer It is an amino sugar. The amine group attached to glucose. It is a step in the process of making glycosiliates as well as fats and oils which are needed in the proper folding and to prevent degrad... Read More »

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Does glucosamine really work?

On One Hand: It Works for Some PeopleGlucosamine is the most common dietary supplement used for osteoarthritis. Even though the evidence is not consistent, glucosamine can improve the pain associat... Read More »

How do I buy Glucosamine DS?

Buying Glucosamine DSConsult your physician before purchasing any dietary supplement. Glucosamine DS, also known as Cosamin DS, is a nutritional supplement containing glucosmine, manganese and chon... Read More »

Can one overdose on glucosamine?

Glucosamine is overall a safe supplement. If you take many times the recommended daily dose you may experience some nausea, diarrhea and soft stools, but you won't experience anything worse than th... Read More »

Does glucosamine help your arthritis get better?

No -- glucosamine works to improve cartilage, joint fluids, and thus improve flexibility which may make arthritic joints less painful. You can certainly give it a try, although it is a rather expe... Read More »