Glocks... any experts?

Answer Hey! You must be American!

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Do flashlights on Glocks cause malfunctions?

Attaching a tactical flashlight to your Glock handgun will not cause any kind of weapons malfunction. Tactical lights are attached on the outside of the pistol’s lower receiver and are completely... Read More »

What Are Experts?

According to the Free Online Dictionary, the primary definition of "expert" is a person "with a degree of skill in or knowledge of a certain subject." A secondary definition of expert refers to the... Read More »

For Mac users and experts, how can you tell if your Mac is THIS?

Go to the little Apple picture in the upper left hand corner of your screen, depress button and read the first entry "about this mac".

For all the computer experts?

What could be wrong especially after a power outage:1. Power Supply2. Video Card3. CPU4. Motherboard5. RAMIn that order. If any of those specific items have been damaged due to a power outage, your... Read More »