Global Citizenship Activities?

Answer The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. News from countries on the other side of the globe travels instantaneously. Economies around the world are integrally interconnected. Fashion, foo... Read More »

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Global Citizenship Games?

Global citizenship is an idea that is gaining momentum. Its basic premise is that people all over the world should come together as one and practice justice, equality, diversity and world peace in ... Read More »

Citizenship Activities for Students?

Citizenship encompasses the study of the country, personal rights and responsibilities and moral and ethical behaviors that are appropriate to help the community and the nation. Varying levels of c... Read More »

Elementary Citizenship Activities?

Every elementary school child learns to say the pledge of allegiance, but citizenship-building activities don't have to end there. Citizenship activities can help students learn about geography, hi... Read More »

Citizenship Activities for Elementary Students?

Citizenship is an important theme to teach to elementary school pupils, and it can be made fun for them. A range of activities can get pupils thinking about citizenship; these activities focus on t... Read More »