Global Business Degrees?

Answer Obtaining a global business degree can can put you on a career path to play a role in today's multinational economy. Degrees are offered at the bachelor's, master's, or doctoral levels. The curricu... Read More »

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Are management degrees better than business administration degrees?

On One Hand: Benefits of Business Administration DegreesBusiness administration degrees provide general training that can be applied to a variety of careers. Focusing on one aspect of business adm... Read More »

When Did Global Business Start?

Global business consists of transactions carried out across national borders. It can be traced back into the Stone Age (before 3000 BCE) and the rise of trade links between Sumer, in today's Southe... Read More »

Business Strategies in a Global Economy?

Business strategies in a global environment become complex because of the increased number of variables to consider. Global markets differ in specific ways, but for simplicity's sake, developed and... Read More »

In what language is most global business conducted?

The official global language of the business world is English. Because of this, the vast majority of international business is conducted in English, and business contracts are drawn up in English. ... Read More »