Glittery eye shadow question!!?

Answer I don't think that is too much for your age. It sounds like a very pretty look. I myself love glitter eyeshadow, but for school just make sure that your eyeshadow doesn't look like there are big gl... Read More »

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How to Be Glittery?

Glitter, shimmer, sparkle, & glisten like a diamond with these instructions and products! Be brighter than a star! This is PERFECT for a night-time special event!

What's the purpose of applying light eye shadow UNDER a dark eye shadow?

the light shadow is applied as the base coat.this helps to blend the dark one.eye shadow is all about blending.

How to Wear Glittery Eyeliner?

Glittery eyeliner is a little different from other makeup products. It can run and smudge, clump up, and look like a mess. But, with a little preparation, your eyes will look dramatically different!

How to Have Glittery Nails?

Here are simple instructions on how to have glittery nails.