Glass in finger, extreme pain under arm?

Answer Go see a doctor and get it taken care of. It will only last a few minutes and you will be amazed as good it feels to be pain free.

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Pain in chest, left side, under top of breast, feels kind of like a finger pushing in there...?

you could have what i just had 2 weeks ago its something when your ribs inflame they go away on there own bu it takes a few days up to 2 weeks,...but i could be wrong you should go to your doctor s... Read More »

My mother is suffering from extreme pain due to cancer. What can reduce the pain?

She's on maximum dosage of what? Aspirin? Codeine? Morphine?Where does it hurt?What is the treatment? I hope it's not some quackery.The more you can tell us, the more we can suggest.

I just CUT my finger off by mistake with a chain saw!!!!! PAIN PAIN!!!!! WHAT DO I DO! ?

Hold your hand above your head so that the blood isn't flowing out of it as much, tie a rope/string tight around the base of your finger, or if its gone, tie it around your wrist, to restrict blood... Read More »

Im in alot of pain cuz of a deep cut on my finger, whats the best medicine to take the pain away?

Ibuprofen (Advil) is a good choice, but also, elevate your hand above the level of your heart. This will reduce swelling and lower the pressure within, lessening the pain.