Glass in finger HELP!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer ELMERS GLUE If its still sticking out a wee bit- put some elmers glue on it- let it dry fully (this will take a while) and pull it off, the glass splinter will usually come out

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I cut my finger with a piece of glass?

I'm gonna let u in on a little secret that the milltary likes to use get a damp washcloth and apply pressure to the wound ( take the bandaid of first) apply pressure for at least 5 min and then tak... Read More »

How do u get fiber glass out of ur finger?

You can try using a pair of tweezers to remove the fiberglass if it's visible...if not try placing a piece of duct tape over your finger and pull off slowly.

Glass in finger, extreme pain under arm?

Go see a doctor and get it taken care of. It will only last a few minutes and you will be amazed as good it feels to be pain free.

What is the best way to remove finger prints from a glass table top?

\Interesting!I assume you would want to kill your grass and flowers with clorinated water??The grass in the area where I backwash has always grown extremely well. My young oak trees thrived when I ... Read More »