Glass Etching Liquids Vs. Sandblasting?

Answer Etched glass is an ancient and beautiful art form experiencing a revival among collectors and artists. An earlier method used diamond nibs to etch. The construction industry created a new method, s... Read More »

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How to Etch Glass by Sandblasting?

Glass etching is a centuries old method of imprinting images on glass. One way to do it is by sandblasting. Sandblasting allows more variation with the use of different sand coarseness, depth blast... Read More »

Where did glass etching come from?

Acid glass etching originated in Sweden in the late 18th century and became popular in Britain in the mid-19th century in response to a drop in glass prices and glass taxes.References:Glass Etching... Read More »

Cricut Instructions for Glass Etching?

Learn glass etching to take your crafting to a whole new level. You can personalize glass gifts by etching the name of the recipient or a favorite animal onto any piece of glassware. Christmas orna... Read More »

How to Etch Glass with Etching Cream?

This will show you how to etch glass using a product called Armour Etch which can be purchased at any craft store.