Glamour Dresses of the 1940s?

Answer Glamorous dresses were a luxury during most of the 1940s; times were hard due to world events. Dress manufacturers were allowed a specific amount of fabric and could not keep up with dress demand. ... Read More »

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1940s Makeup and Glamour?

Fashion for women in the 1940s focused on highly feminine makeup and clothing. Women gravitated toward soft curls, defined waistlines and classic makeup. Incorporating elements of retro glamour in... Read More »

1940s Glamour Hairstyles?

Hairstyles worn in the 1940s were relatively elaborate, as rationing and simpler clothes demanded by the lack of prosperity during and immediately after the war made women eager to create decorativ... Read More »

How to Capture The Glamour of 1940s Fashion?

Fashion in the 1940s was so distinctive, vibrant and glamorous that the look still lives on. Movie stars and average women alike managed to bring a little elegance and style to their everyday outfi... Read More »

How to Plan a Birthday Party with a 1940s Hollywood Glamour Theme?

As far as clothing, makeup and lifestyle went, the 1940s were one of the most glamorous decades. With stars such as Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant reigning in Hollywood, cocktails abounding and f... Read More »