Given up smoking! Feeling Bad! Need help!!!!?

Answer The first day is the hardest!! The second and thrid days are rough to. After that it gets considerably easier. I had attempted to quit 3 major times in my life. This last time has worked. I haven't... Read More »

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Can smoking cause feeling of fear?

no I think that actually just comes with getting older u realise ur mortal lol

Feeling sick after smoking cigarettes..?

Smoking lowers your blood pressure, probably thats why you shake and feel sick. Sometimes smoking in general, or smoking special cigarettes don't match your body.Consider changing your cigarettes, ... Read More »

Will the weird feeling after smoking weed stop?

Weird panic attack feeling after smoking weed?

You just smoked too much with little to no tolerance, when you first start smoking you really have to take it 1 hit at a time to not get overwhelmed. It probably was just a panic attack, marijuana ... Read More »