Given up smoking! Feeling Bad! Need help!!!!?

Answer The first day is the hardest!! The second and thrid days are rough to. After that it gets considerably easier. I had attempted to quit 3 major times in my life. This last time has worked. I haven't... Read More »

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Need help with hard uk junction Help! Top marks rewarded! (google map co ordinates given)?

Providing Bronshill Rd is clear, you should "creep and peep" around the parked vehicle - if you see it is clear to proceed then do so. Do not creep forward if you see vehicles approaching from your... Read More »

Need help to quit smoking?

Get a copy of Allen Carr's 'Easy way to stop smoking'. Read it and you will be able to stop. It has worked for my son, my daughter and a number of friends who wanted to stop.

I need help to stop smoking?

I'm happy you recognize it now at an early age. It's very hard to quit. The only thing that worked was cold turkey. It's been 10 years now but I tried several times before my will power was s... Read More »

I need help to stop smoking...?

Be aware of ...- No one can quit if not entirely convinced to do so.- There's no best nor easy way to quit. - Anything to stop that habit is worth it.I suggest reading http://stopsmoking-a-new-appr... Read More »