Given the choice, what would you do?

Answer i had the same problem last year i decided to get the root canal even though you cant see the tooth at the back of my mouth when i smile i wanted to keep the tooth i had a crown put on it in Januar... Read More »

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If you could have any given desert of your choice right now, What would it be?

No thanks, I would hate living somewhere that hot and barren. But, if you meant to say "desSert," then I'd have to say some chocolate ice cream.

BB9 UK: We've had evil BB etc, so if given a choice what would your theme be for this year?

Back To Basics Gartom I want the bloody chickens back make them work no astro turf make them mow the lawn, make bread, have tasks that stretch them not pander to their whims!!I hate it when the evi... Read More »

If given the choice, where would you rather be On the top or bottom?

bottom. Why? usually bottom bunks you can spread your feet better and stretch them. Top bunks usually have railing which makes your space very limited.Also gas goes one way and that is upLOL

If you were given a choice between a honda and toyota, which one would you take?