Give you the story of lagda epic story?

Answer The epic story Lagda is mostly about Anabel Igcalinos finding true love.

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Can you give me the story of darangan epic?

yesyes k din ang dmi mong alm!! yes lng pla ung sgot mo! wg kng mgssgot ng mli!! ngaaral k b? npktanga mo nmn!!yes nga rin sagut mu eh..mas tanga kah..!!!! bobo u..!!!hayup..!!

Will you please give the full story of the epic maragtas?

The book relates the history and customs of the people of the Philippines in earlier times. It was written by Pedro Alcantara Monteclaro in his native language. It also runs to some six chapters, ... Read More »

What are the examples of an epic story?

Les Miserables, Dracula, and Robinson Crusoe. ___ It is the work itself, not the story, that is epic. An epic in literature is painted as it were on a vast canvas with larger than life heroes and ... Read More »

How to Create an Epic Fantasy Story?

Feeling inspired after reading Arthurian legends, Tristram and Isolde and other epics? Wanting to make your own epic fantasy story? Even if chances of your story becoming a timeless classic, or eve... Read More »