Give you the combimation name between abhijeet and tanvi?

Answer Try to talk about it, if you cant talk to friends about it.

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Which was abhijeet and daya's first episode in CID?

Abhijeet - Case of the Stolen Dynamite Daya - Case of the skeleton in Paddy field

Does your child's real dad have to give permission to change her name to her step-fathers name?

In most states, yes. I went through this as a child, and my mom wanted to change my name. My dad would not agree. Check with the state laws regarding this.

NAME FOR A YOUTUBE.... PLZ GIVE ME A NAME (10 points definetlyyy)?

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If the fathers name was never on the birth certificate and he was in another state can the teenage unwed mother give the child her stepdads last name in Michigan?

No. If the Bio father doesn't file the name change with you, you will have to give information so that he can be notified. That would include his name and his current or last known address (if you ... Read More »