Give up what first... Dairy and eggs or meat!?

Answer That's a theory I've heard tossed around--after a visit to Farm Sanctuary, cartoonist Dan Piraro decided to go vegan. His girlfriend at the time asked if he didn't want to go vegetarian first, and... Read More »

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Meal Ideas Without Meat, Eggs or Dairy?

Some people might choose to cook vegan-style out of the desire to cleanse their bodies. Some may eat vegan meals out of necessity due to food intolerances. Others choose to eat a meatless, dairy-fr... Read More »

Vegetarians: What was your position on vegetarianism and eating meat/dairy/eggs/etc before become a vegetarian?

Edit- I truly didn't have a position on vegetariansism before I became one. I grew up with the mental dis-connect of where meat and animal products came from. I believed that meat was something ... Read More »

I eat no dairy but eggs and fish what am I called?

I would just call you a normal person as I don't give a crap about what people label themselves as, I think it is totally unnecessary and that no one cares unless you want to say you are better tha... Read More »

What are the 'nicknames' for dairy, eggs & other non-vegan foods?

There isn't really so much a vegan food as much as there are foods that have been adulterated.If you eat NORMAL food- chickpeas and tofu and rice and stuff you make from scratch ,you never reallly ... Read More »