Give me three good reasons why I should have a Facebook account?

Answer 1. It's gimmicky, 2. it's boring, 3. It's a useless waste of time. Not unlike most of Answers. My friends and kids kept nagging me to be in it so I did, and it's just stupid.Facebook is crap crap ... Read More »

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Has anyone deleted their Facebook account, if so what were the reasons?

it cost too much,and it's not compatible underwater

Facebook locked my account due to security reasons?

This happened to me before, but they wanted a phone number. It's been happening to alot of people for no reason so in most cases nobody really violate their rules. I agree that facebook is trouble,... Read More »


- Takes too much time which is generally a waste.- Friend lists are filled with people who are NOT actual friends- It damages the real life socialization- People whom you'd rather not talk to finds... Read More »

FACEBOOK USERS! Can You Give Me Three Reasons...?

It is a little more basic. But both have good/bad.Myspace:- profile designs. You can make it more about yourself and who you are (music, layout etc.)- It is cleaner, the set-up is more organized th... Read More »