Give me the oriental insurance company number in new delhi?

Answer It sure is! it has lots of historical places and its natural places are brilliant.

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Do I need to give my insurance company my Social Security number?

If you are applying for or have Medicare or MedCal, you may need to supply your Social Security number. However, insurance companies dealing with individual insurance policies cannot make it a requ... Read More »

Is it ok to change auto insurance after twenty years with the same company as another good insurance company can give a better discount because they already have your homeowners policy?

Answer This is perfectly okay. Things to check on is make sure your deductable hasn't risen significantly, as well as your coverage terms. You know, fine print things.

If you've been robbed twice in the past two years and have now moved to a very nice neighborhood and old renter's insurance dropped you how do you get a new company to give renter's insurance?

Answer NO insurer can refuse to cover you, especially if you have a mortgage on the house... BUT... they can charge astronomical premiums up the wahoo unfortunately as you are appearing as "high ri... Read More »

Can you give any info about starting a pet insurance company in the US?

All pet insurance policies have a minimum age requirement of 18 years of age