Give me the link to the funny wikipedia.?

Answer although it may contain some vulgar stuff.

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Can anyone give me the link for the Wikipedia answers and questions website please?

Here is where you start.

How do you link a wikipedia english page to a another language wikipedia page?

Check out "Help:Interlanguage links" on Wikipedia. There is a complete list of all Wikipedias at "List of Wikipedias" which lists the languages and the interlanguage links for each language.

What are your favourite FUNNY YOUTUBE VIDEOS Please post a link of them/it in answer to this question?

the emmy show is hilarious but in the search bar you have to type theemmyshow its hilarious!!!

How Do You Protect A Link On Wikipedia?

It sounds like you're about to enter an "edit war". If you want to win the edit war, you will need to have the help of administrators, or even become an admin yourself.Fortunately, there is a seri... Read More »