Give me some natural things to do to help me stay awake.?

Answer Go for a walk, drink lots of green tea or coffee.

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What's the best way to stay awake?

Physical activity to get the blood and adrenaline moving. Caffeine just makes you crash eventually and doesn't affect everyone (doesn't do anything for me in normal doses like coffee or soda). Ge... Read More »

How can I stay awake all day?

Eat a lot of energy packed foods. Stay away from processed sugar, or else you will get too much energy and crash, causing you to fall asleep. Do some light exercise, not too much that it uses all o... Read More »

How to Stay Awake for Fun?

Ever imagined staying awake all night, for no particular reason? Ever tried, but failed? This guide will solve both!

Are you trying really hard to stay awake because?

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