Give me reasons to quit smoking?

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SMOKING.......I would love to give up smoking. I know many of you out there will say just quit then......?

Think smoking makes you look sexy? That you could quit any time? Think again. Myth 1: Smoking looks sexy. Or at least, that's what the tobacco industry would like you to think. Well, it may look gl... Read More »

Reasons to Give to Your Boss to Quit a Job?

Quitting a job is more than just slamming the door and heading out to a better opportunity. It is important to leave on good terms regardless of personal feelings about the organization. You never ... Read More »

Can anyone give me some tips on how to quit smoking?

Homeopathic Treatment for Smoking :-To reduce the craving; while discontinuing its use Tabacum 30, 4 hourly Though addicted to tobacco; but cannot bear the odour of it Lobelia In Q(Mother Tincture)... Read More »

What's the best advice you can give to someone who is about to quit smoking?

buy LOTS AND LOTS of gum or hard candy! keep your hands busy!and DONT GIVE UP! quitting suxs...but once you do, its amazing! I'm 1yr smoke free, the smell repulses me now. crazy can do it!