Give a generel idea of function(c language)?

Answer Hi,Function can be defined as a block of code which is a very important tool in programming since it makes code reusable. What it means is that if we have a block of code which we are going to use ... Read More »

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Is getting a tattoo in another language a good idea?

I think tatoos in other languages show imagination, charactor and creativity.A lot of celebrities have tatoos in other languages..M.Pokora (French) has "Only God can judge Me" and David Beckham has... Read More »

Who came up with the idea to have a Pirate language Facebook setting?

It's a bit tricky at first, but it's something different isnt it. I like it :-D You can find the language under "English-Pirate" if you mateys wanted to know lol.

Would translating a wikipedia article from one language to another be a good idea?

That's a wonderful idea Annie, Wikipedia has a translation project at "Wikipedia:Translation" where you can plug in. It is the goal of the Wikimedia Foundation to translate comprehensive knowledge ... Read More »

Give idea to buy a dclr camera?

Samsung don't make DSLRs, anyone calling the NX1000 a DSLR is either a liar, a fool or the victim of one, since it's an EVIL model.Find out what a DSLR is, and if you really want one before asking ... Read More »