Girls,Why do girls were small things around the house?

Answer I don't wear short clothing around the house but i think they wear it because it feels much lighter and very easy to put on, instead of these skinny jeans and whatever is fashionable which always s... Read More »

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Do guys notice small things about girls?

I would say I'm a very sweet guy and decently popular at school, but I always notice when a girl does something different. More so when/if I'm into them, but still, I notice all the time. And I als... Read More »

Girls, when someone mentions their a soccer player...what are some of the first things you girls picture?

toned, muscular thighs and butt ;)he knows how to score., i'd probably get along with him because i play myself. i'd be able to be competitive with him which is a complete turn on.

Are the things the girls on the bad girls club show real?

yes it is cause the bad langue and fighting of course it is real i think it is real it's my opion

Has any one seen the direct tv advertisments to buy rich mens systems promising to get you a cheep house better creditand wounderous things if you buy there system of doing things bunk they get rich y?