Girls/Guys..what are some of the dumbest questions the opposite sex has asked you?

Answer A girl once asked me what it's like to have a penis. My answer was, "I don't know. What's it like to have a vagina?" That wasn't dumb, just sufficiently awkward. It's hard to answer "What's it like... Read More »

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Do you think everyone is honest on Ask Questions, or are some of the answers just the opposite of the truth?

I would NOT click on any links provided here...I have and have been caught up in a malicious endless loading of pages....had to reboot.Basically, if the question is honest, I think the answers, by... Read More »

How Many Times Have The Following Questions Been Asked In R&P?

Individually or Collectively ?I think it's the "pi" times the number of decimals in "pi"...or "pi" to the power of "pi" ??...or Macadamia Cream Pie ?..

Since "AM I PREGNANT" questions get asked so often...?

I totally agree with you! How do we know if your pregnant, we aren't a pregnancy test! If you think your pregnant then just go and but a pregnancy test, not going onto the internet and asking if yo... Read More »

What are the most frequently asked questions in V&V?

Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?Do vegetarians eat fish?Do vegetarians eat chicken?Don't plants have feelings too?I eat X and Y, what am I called?I'm switching to vegiterean, what do i eat?How d... Read More »