Girls, would you be offended by this common phrase?

Answer when girls get "offended" they probably just want your attention, ha ha. It's totally fine and if they are actually offended (unlikely) then they need to chill, am I right? Ha, ha. Good Luck with t... Read More »

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Would you be offended with this programme from the BBC coming to Aussie Free TV?

Cracked me up, bloody hilarious.I'm another who can't stand so-called 'comedy' from America. The BBC have always excelled, and been daring in this arena.

Girls Nails: How Does This Sound Would You Pay For This Pedicure?

I'm 18, and I would definitely pay for this pedicure! Foot massage and pedicure all in one package, how can I refuse! I also admire how you're doing something about being jobless instead of just si... Read More »

Would you be offended...?

Yes it is, obviously she doesn't care how her house looks or what others think.

Would you be offended (or at least irritated)?

if you can ride an 1100 v star, don't be offended, just ride!Your gender has nothing to do with anything at all.As you will notice on this forum, there's ignorance all around and those who feel be... Read More »