Girls, would you be offended by this common phrase?

Answer when girls get "offended" they probably just want your attention, ha ha. It's totally fine and if they are actually offended (unlikely) then they need to chill, am I right? Ha, ha. Good Luck with t... Read More »

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Is scoliosis more common in girls?

Girls are twice as likely to get scoliosis as boys are. While scoliosis can be diagnosed at any age, it is most common in people over the age of 10. The condition is hereditary, but the severity of... Read More »

Is it common for young teen girls to shave their arms?

wow don't shave your armsI am 20 years old and do not know any females I have encountered in my life with shaved armsIf your arms are really hairy and bother you, get them waxedIf you shave them, y... Read More »

Is it more common for guys or girls to carry congenital cocaine syndrome?

It's random. A child who is exposed to cocaine in the womb can be male or female. The child's health is at grave risk, but doctors have been unable to say that it is totally because of the cocaine... Read More »

Is it common for girls to fear pregnancy after their first time so much that they begin to feel symptoms?

Answer if you fear pregnancy or want it too much, you can experience phantom pregnancies, dont worry, just go and visit a doctor - and he may refer you for counselling to help you get over this fea... Read More »