Girls, which tampon is best for first time users?

Answer Definitely Playtex, any type. I like them because they open up all around, not just width wise. A lot of people say Tampax is way better but don't believe it. It may be easy to put in, but getting ... Read More »

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A question for the girls... first time tampon worries!?

How to Not Be Afraid the First Time You Use a Tampon?

Are you scared about using your first tampon? Here is some help; it is not as scary as it seems to be.

How do i use a tampon if the instruction is not on the box and which one is the best kind to use?

I personally like plain tampax as does my roommate, the ones with the cardboard applicator. More environmentally friendly, cheaper, flushable... And the platic ones are kind of pinchy. An no applic... Read More »

Which digital camera would be best for a first time buyer?

sony cybershot DSC-W55.fits all of your critera & is easy to use for first-time users.