Girls, which tampon is best for first time users?

Answer Definitely Playtex, any type. I like them because they open up all around, not just width wise. A lot of people say Tampax is way better but don't believe it. It may be easy to put in, but getting ... Read More »

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A question for the girls... first time tampon worries!?

(Girls Only!!) I cant insert a tampon!Help!?

Some of the answers on this site make me nervous.It is highly unlikely that it's your hymen. Please don't listen to dads on this subject!First off, don't worry. We ALL had this problem, and none of... Read More »

I can't insert a tampon HELP ME (Girls Only)?

It hurt for me too, at first. I first tried Tampax Pearl, but those were too big, so I'd suggest starting with thinner tampons, they normally say thin on the box. I can't remember what mine were ... Read More »

How to Not Be Afraid the First Time You Use a Tampon?

Are you scared about using your first tampon? Here is some help; it is not as scary as it seems to be.