Girls, this is a matter of life and death for me, PLz help me!!! PLZZZ!!!!?

Answer Whats your problem? Confidence. Thats what. Who cares what she does on the internet. You shouldnt judge ANYBODY good or bad by how they respond, act, or dont respond online. It is a HORRIBLE way to... Read More »

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Help Life and death matter ?

Okay, the thing is you might have bowl cancer. Most people have greenish blue poo that smells like toast and fresh coffee. I'm sorry to breakit to you..but I think you're life is short.

Help life or death matter please?

Are you sure they aren't maggots? Is your belling button that dirty? Yuck! Pour peroxide in your belly button, then clean it out, then take a nice hot bath. Or else go to the ER.

Girls should i change myselfpics n girls do think it matter what color your skin is when it comes to dating:(?

First of all, you should put a shirt on. You have a good body but that isnt what makes you who you are.Youre good looking, definitely! I honestly dont care what color skin a guy has. i think youre ... Read More »

Does race matter to you girls?

Race doesn't matter to me , plus you are good looking so...I dunno. the long hair suits you I think but thats just me, maybe others wouldn't feel the same.I would start asking why they feel it wou... Read More »