Girls please Im very weak. are you stronger than me?

Answer Honestly, that definitely isn't normal. even with arms your size, you should be able to atleast lift a 6 pound weight. You should consider seeing a doctor.

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How to Get Stronger Muscles when You Are Currently Weak?

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If i cobver my strong eye will my weak eye get stronger?

The generally accepted theory is that lazy eye (amblyopia) cannot be meaningfully corrected after the approximate age of seven or eight years. The brain has vision centers for each eye (left and r... Read More »

Is -2(left) and -0.25(right) a weak or stronger eyeglass prescription?

The -2.00 left eye prescription is in the middle range of a mild prescription for nearsightedness which is -1 to -3 diopters. Your right eye is a very mild prescription. If both of your eyes were... Read More »

How to Be Stronger Than a Guy (for Girls)?

Many girls have been annoyed by guys, it happens all the time, a cocky, macho guy who thinks he is so much cooler because he has got big shoulders. Well, he may not be as 'hot' as he thinks he is.