Girls only....i was wondering.?

Answer It's pretty easy. But it's more comfortable to do it with your mouth open...idk why! If you're so curious, put some on yourself! Lol jk.

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Hi, just wondering if girls can pee standing up?

Yes - I bet you wouldn't make as much mess as men too!

I was wondering if girls put up their pants to make their *** look bigger?

Oh come on she was probably just pulling up her pants why would she want to make her butt look bigger thats just odd. Why would you notice, lol.

I was just wondering......why?

Why ask why when you surely know the answer is because :))

I was wondering........?

I like it here, i've got to know some regs a little better than when i was here before and see that the (proper regs) are protective of each other, your all very close and i think some people want ... Read More »