Girls only!!!!!! what are most girls weighing between 12 and 16?

Answer 15 5`4 116lbsHope this helped.

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Girls only question! I need girls advice. ?

Hun, If you want to wear a bra, tell your mom. Explain to her that you NEED one. Like especially if you actually have boobs your nipples **awkward moment** will show through your shirt and its not... Read More »

GIRLS only please im foreal ONLy girls !?

Girls help please! (girls only)?

oh wow.. that's badumm I'm not that close to my mum either so i can helpif u cant wake her up now and tell her, then tomorrow morning get her alone and just blurt it out. once it's out you feel fre... Read More »

What's the difference between hot girls and pretty girls?

Hm... Well, both are a very good thing! Pretty is more of a classy, put-together attractiveness. Hotness is when you look at her and just want to.. yeeah. It's much more of a physical reaction w... Read More »